Videos by Eric Michener

Eric is a videographer, editor, motion graphics artist, illustrator, musician living in Denton, TX

Here’s a video I shot/edited/animated for Layer Cake


A story from my Dad. 

Graphics/Video: Eric Michener

Music: Chris Zabriskie

A compilation of animated shots made in After Effects.

Don’t Try by Radioactivity 
from S/T on Dirtnap Records

2,667 photos of 3,300+ records were taken on October 24th and 25th by Dave Koen and Eric Michener at Mad World Records in Denton, TX.

Directed and Edited by Eric Michener
Photo editing by Dave Koen

A 90 spot about Triple Threat Press made for the Intuit Small Business Big Game competition 

produced/shot/edited/graphics/music:  Eric Michener

2013 Demo Reel

Director/Editor/Motion Graphics: Eric Michener

Triple Threat Press, Documentary Short

Director/Editor: Eric Michener

Trailer for the graphic novel: On the Ropes by James Vance and Dave E. Burr

video commissioned by  W. W. Norton & Company, Independent Publishers

Director/Editor/Motion Graphics: Eric Michener


Director/Editor/Motion Graphics: Eric Michener

Denton Creatives Mixer

Director/Editor/Motion Graphics/Music: Eric Michener